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Patent Strategy Consulting Services

RB Consulting, Inc. focuses on the needs of small businesses. More specifically, RBC specializes in: 1) protecting intellectual property; 2) achieving strategic balance; and, 3) managing the unknowns inherent in operating a business. 

Intellectual Property: RBC will help you identify and protect both the innovations that have earned you the customers you have today and the innovations you will need to earn the customers you will have tomorrow.

Strategic Balance: RBC uses a collaborative approach to balance strategy and operations through: 1) methodically identifying the priorities, resources, and obligations of an organization; and, 2) generating the information that allows an organization to rebalance their operation to achieve their priorities with a realistic plan. 

Managing the Unknown: RBC draws on decades of operational management experience to provide our clients with the techniques that enable organizations to make progress in periods of tension and uncertainty. 

RBC is committed to providing a work product that is specific, reliable, informative and affordable. We do this through a commitment to processes that allow us to maintain a consistency in our work product while customizing our solutions to the needs of our client.

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Expert Patent Strategy Consulting & More

RB Consulting, Inc. is a management consulting firm that believes most problems can be solved with common sense and that the best solutions are simple, specific, informative, and affordable.  Founded in 2011, RB Consulting specializes in meeting the needs of small and start-up businesses over a broad range of issues.

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