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Below are some of the processes the RB Consulting, Inc. uses to help our clients.

Intellectual Property:

  • Registered Patent Agent:  The principal of RBC is a registered patent agent who is licensed to write and prosecute patent applications at the United States Trademark and Patent Office.
  • Market and Portfolio Assessments:  RBC can perform a gap analysis that compares the market and intellectual property portfolio of a business to identify potential gaps in protection. 
  • Perimeter Protection:  RBC will further expand the gap analysis of the market and portfolio assessment to identify potentially disruptive technologies and to identify protect the potential of future opportunities.
  • TRIZ:  Often new technologies must be found to address the identified gaps.  To do this, RBC recommends the TRIZ methodology.  TRIZ is a creative problem solving methodology that is gaining in popularity.  Based on an analysis of over three million patents, TRIZ is a set of tools that are used to provide creative direction for intractable technical problems.  The TRIZ process breaks technical problems down into a set of general physical parameters and then, based on these parameters, the TRIZ methodology identifies a set of principles that were successfully used to solve similar problems in the past.  The strength of TRIZ is its statistical significance.  Solution strategies generated by TRIZ have a higher probability of success than strategies found through trial and error methods.  Because of its focused nature, RBC prefers TRIZ to brainstorming for most technical applications.  

Strategic Balance:  

  • Intuitive Accounting Interface:  The intuitive accounting interface is a method of reorganizing audited financial statements in a manner that more clearly reflects the responsibilities of the people within the organization.  The advantages of using the intuitive accounting interface on a project include:  1) the intuitive accounting interface bridges the operational metrics and accounting metrics in a manner that show how operating decisions impact accounting results; 2) the intuitive accounting interface bases everything on the actual accounting results which helps focus the organization on the issues instead of the numbers; 3) the intuitive accounting interface has great modeling tools that estimate the impact of operating decisions on the accounting results; and, 4) the intuitive accounting interface can quickly answer a lot of common questions that come up in organizations like “if I am making money how come I am always short of cash.”  The intuitive accounting interface is our “go to” package for strategic analysis and operational planning issues. 
  • Prototyping:  While no single company can do everything, RBC has broad experience and contacts in prototyping chemical, electrical, mechanical and computer programming projects for clients.  

Managing the Unknown:

  • Scenario Planning:  RBC recommends preparing for the unknown using a scenario planning model.  Specifically, RBC will help an organization:  1) identify the critical sensitivities of the organization; and, 2) prepare the appropriate plans to address. 
  • The Discipline of Experience:  Organizations operate best when they face uncertainty as a team.  RBC has decades of operational management experience and will show your organization how to use your technologies and strategies to maintain progress even during periods of uncertainty.