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Selected Prior Project List

RB Consulting Projects

Current Project List:

  • IUX.  Preparation and implementation a patent portfolio strategy for a biotechnology company. 
  • PFP.  Preparing multiple patent applications for a small business support organization.
  • PSA.  Preparing and prosecuting a patent application for an environmental engineering firm.
  • PS1.  Preparing and prosecuting a patent application for a potable water filter.
  • PS2.  Preparing and prosecuting a patent application for an environmental engineering firm.
  • PUB.  Preparing and prosecuting two patent applications for a biotechnology innovation
  • AAX.  Sourcing and logistic support for a company looking to export US goods to Columbia.
  • BBX.  Building prototypes for a food industry application.
  • FMX:  Preparing company specific training materials for a new software package.
  • FM1.  Prepared a software specification for existing financial software to meet the specific needs of the company.
  • FTX. Marketing management and support for a local training company.
  • GHS.  Planning, management and logistic support for a charter transportation company.
  • ITC.  Support installation of new process including, technical evaluation of the proposed equipment, installation support, and setting up operating procedures.
  • ISC.  Building a color palette and formula database for a dye house.
  • KAX.  Assisted a small company with permits, licenses, preparations and logistics in moving to a new building. 
  • PKD.  Identified and summarized patent rights owned by the client’s competition.
  • PLX.  Market Study for Proposed African Airline Project
  • RDX.  Provide technical sales and logistic support for an equipment sales company.
  • RID.  Preparing a marketing plan and proposal for an art company. 
  • SCX.  Resolving legal, management, and logistic issues involved in a company shut down.
  • SF1. Identifying real estate for potential purchase based on predetermined criteria through public records searches.
  • SF2.  Developing and implementing a marketing strategy for hard to reach customers.
  • UB1.  Creating and implementing a tactical plan to manufacture and market a medical device.
  • UB2.  Building prototypes for a medical device startup company.
  • WCS. Technical sales and marketing support for the liquidation of existing assets.
  • YDF. Logistic and management support to open a commission dye operation.
  • ZN2:  Advised a broad fabric firm regarding operating in a narrow fabric textile company.
  • ZTX:  Provided support in using the Triz methodology for a bottling company.
  • ZY1.  Helped a small apparel company with yarn sourcing. 
  • ZX1.  Designing an enzyme finishing process for denim.